Rare Bits Rebrand

At Rare Bits, we felt that the logo and branding approach we were using didn't really reflect both the playfulness and professionalism that we wanted to convey as a company. I was tasked with redesigning our logo and developing a brand approach to help give us a more cohesive pitch as we meet with potential B2B partners.




The concept for this logo came out of multiple rounds of exploration & ideation. Throughout the process, I discovered this simple approach that ended up having a lot of exciting symbolism in it. The rising stack of connected blocks is a nod to our company being built on blockchain technology. One choice I made was to have the final block be disconnected, a different color, and rotated at 45 degrees from the rest of the blocks. This is to reflect the concept that some collectible items are more rare than others, but are still needed to complete a set. The block sitting balanced at 45 degrees makes it feel as though its teetering on its edge, wanting to fall into place and complete the full set.

Rejected concepts

Unfortunately they can't all be winners. Here is an assortment of other concepts that were considered but ultimately rejected or iterated upon further.