Church bulletins are a staple of religious gatherings, but are a wasteful practice with millions of pages and thousands of gallons of ink being used every week. I designed, branded, and am currently developing a solution to this environmental problem and economic waste. Bulletn is an app that quickly and beautifully relays information from the church administration to the users via a virtual bulletin that is accessed on their mobile devices.

The Problem

When in college, I worked behind the scenes at a church that had a lot of student attendees from the local university. Here I got to see how much time, energy, and money went into creating and printing our bulletins every week. At a church filled with college kids, why weren’t we embracing the technology we were all carrying?

  • Time

  • Money

  • Environmental Waste

  • Volunteer Resources


Me (CEO & Design), Full-stack developer, Front-end developer, sales

My role

Research, feature definition, wireframing, prototyping, visual design, React development, roadmapping, branding, sales


Our product is not for every church, and that's okay. At this point, our target audience are churches that are:

  • Young in their lifecycle

  • Friendly with technology

  • Small enough haven't built other tools themselves

User Research

Talking with users first was key to determining how we prioritized the features we designed and built.

Design System

As we were figuring out what features our product needed to include in the early stages, it was crucial for us to have a clean & flexible design system so that we could iterate quickly without sacrificing quality.

Product Screens

Design systems are only useful if they're put into practice. Below are some examples of how our design system fits together to create complete product screens made up of smaller, systematic components.

Mobile Screens

Churches create bulletins in the web app, which appear seamlessly on the corresponding mobile app used by their congregation.

Marketing Collateral

If the quality of your marketing material doesn't match the quality of your product, then you're going to fail to tell the proper story of your company. Below are some examples for I used our brand guidelines and design systems in our illustration and marketing collateral.